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The end of May saw a bitter-sweet farewell for Mel Morunga as she departed after 21 years of working at Dingwall. Children, carers and staff outdid themselves organising the evening with outstanding performance and superb kai ─ their efforts conveyed the respect and appreciation felt for the much-loved team leader. A beautiful hangi was prepared and put down thanks to the efforts of many staff members, while others helped the children to put together a string of stunning performances that brought many to tears. The attendance of several former Dingwall residents was testament to the tremendous legacy Mel leaves behind.


Children and carers from Thode, Fraser and Buttle were treated to a night at the New Zealand Opera in May to see The Elixir of Love, by Donizetti. Starring Pene Pati of SolE Mio fame, it was an amusing country tale of a bumbling hero using a “love potion” to help secure the affections of his true love. Of course the whole thing back fired in an unexpected way, but a happy ending was finally achieved! The children were particularly taken with the clever but quirky set, including farmyard animals. The subtitles for the Italian opera were also very irreverent and provided many laughs. Photo credit: Simon Watts


Community spirit was strong at Dingwall last month when cottages were plunged into darkness during the big storm that downed trees and cut power to more than 100,000 homes around the city. No power meant cold showers and no lights, but the cottages pulled together to help each other out, sharing dinners and Queenie and Alice offering Bissett Cottage to others for some home comforts. And when dawn broke, revealing storm damage at Dingwall, the Launch team pitched in to help clean up the mess. Director Tracie Shipton says the power outage highlights the need to keep emergencies supplies - especially torches with working batteries - up to date and in a ...