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Dingwall Gets Healthy

Dingwall Trust is on a mission to help employees reach a new level of health, fitness and happiness. Staff, from caregivers to admin, are embracing a 10-week Wellbeing programme, spearheaded by on-site nutritionist Danijela Unkovich, and we are now seven weeks deep. The focus is three-fold: nutrition, movement and motivation. Personal trainer Sarah Lange runs boot camps twice a week, Danijela provides individual eating plans and advice and Julie Hazlehust, a behavioural psychologist, gives us the motivation to stick with it - it's a killer combination and everyone is loving it! Danijela says: "health is not cookie cutter – we’re all on our own ...

Danone at Dingwall

A hardworking team from Danone spent a highly productive afternoon in our community garden as part of their volunteer week. The Danone employees removed the weed-matted fencing from around the chicken coup and replaced it with fresh wire, as well as assembled shelving and tidied the garden shed, with a super-organised result. Thank you so much to Madeline, Iain and the rest of the Danone team for sharing your skills and expertise with us - you did an awesome job!