A Night at the Movies – Dingwall Fundraiser

Movie poster

On Tuesday the 30th of June Dingwall is hosting a movie fundraiser to raise money for our onsite community garden!

At Dingwall we are building an onsite organic community garden in association with the organization Garden to Table, a food education program that aims to teach children gardening and healthy cooking skills in a really practical and engaging manner. We will be building our garden towards the end of August (coming into springtime).

Sticking with the theme of health and nutrition, the movie we have organised to see is “That Sugar Film”, which is a nutrition documentary that’s all about changing the way we think about perceived “healthy food”. In today’s society much of the processed foods that are advertised as being healthy, e.g. low-fat yoghurts, fruit juices, sport’s drinks, muesli bars, cereals, are in fact often loaded with sugar, which can have detrimental effects to our health – this movie explores all of that in greater detail. The movie has received awesome reviews and has been put together in a really entertaining and witty way, so I am sure it’ll be really enjoyable, as well as super informative.

Tickets are priced at $20 each or $25 for a ticket plus a fun goodie bag (including popcorn, a drink and a healthy treat).

If you would like to purchase please contact Danijela at danijela@dingwall.co.nz or give us a call on 09 250 2074 and we can arrange a ticket.

Hope to see you there!