Dingwall ballroom herochildren and caregivers were treated to an afternoon at the ballet in early September, thanks to the Royal New Zealand Ballet and the Vodafone Foundation. They saw the world premiere of Romeo and Juliet, a ballet created entirely in New Zealand, including choreography, set design and costumes. The afternoon began at Lifewise Merge Café, a not-for-profit café that works to end homelessness. Guests enjoyed a delicious feast and got to meet Auckland actor Mike Edward (Shortland Street, Filthy Rich). RNZB corporate development manager Diane Field spoke to the group about what they were about to see and the years of training and daily hours of rehearsal undertaken by the dancers. The ballet itself was spectacular with the incredible set design and lavish costumes transporting the audience to 16th century Verona, Italy to watch the tragic story of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet unfold in beautiful ballet. Image courtesy of the RNZB and Ross Brown.