Dingwall Gets Healthy

Dingwall Trust is on a mission to help employees reach a new level of health, fitness and happiness. Staff, from caregivers to admin, are embracing a 10-week Wellbeing programme, spearheaded by on-site nutritionist Danijela Unkovich, and we are now seven weeks deep. The focus is three-fold: nutrition, movement and motivation. Personal trainer Sarah Lange runs boot camps twice a week, Danijela provides individual eating plans and advice and Julie Hazlehust, a behavioural psychologist, gives us the motivation to stick with it – it’s a killer combination and everyone is loving it! Danijela says: “health is not cookie cutter – we’re all on our own journey, and it’s important to meet ourselves where we’re at. Sustainability is key with any lifestyle change, as this leads to compliancy, which often leads to results!” So far, so good!