Dingwall Trust welcomes the Government’s move to Alert Level 2 today, however, it will take a cautious and phased approach to new freedoms.

Dingwall’s priority remains the health, safety and well being of children, young people and staff while recognising its role in helping keep the wider community safe and Covid-19 free.

CEO Claudine Young says life will start to look much like it did before Lockdown, but not completely the same. “We are moving to a ‘new normal’ that will see a great deal more personal interaction but with extra precautions in place.”

Visits to Dingwall, including social and work-related, may now resume, but must be planned in advance. Unannounced visitors will be turned away.

Whanau may now visit children and young people at Dingwall in designated areas. However, family visits with staff will need to take place offsite in the immediate days following Level 2, gradually moving back to onsite visits.

Dingwall will use contact tracing for all day-time staff and visitors; look out for the QR code when you come on site.

Social gatherings can take place, but the 10-person rule must be observed.

Staff will begin returning to work, starting with social workers on site from today to help children and young people prepare to return to school.

Other staff will return next week; however, it won’t be everyone on site every day. Teams will be split 50/50 with half working from home at any one time.

Staff and children are being kept well informed of any new hygiene procedures as well as guidelines around distancing and how to safely conduct meetings. Hygiene packs are being provided everywhere possible.

Claudine says, “Dingwall will continue to do everything it can to be part of NZ’s team of five million keeping transmission of Covid-19 out of the community and avoiding a return to Lockdown.”

For further information please call 09 278 3699.