Dingwall independence day foodcelebrated USA Independence Day with a visit from US Vice Consul Aric Sottler and an all-American feast, organised by on-site nutritionist Danijela Unkovich. Aric and Mara Hosoda, youth specialist, also from the United States Consulate General in Auckland, were first given a tour of Dingwall and the Garden to Table project, then taken to the hall and greeted warmly by children and caregivers. Aric explained the history and significance of the July 4th Independence Day celebrations and answered the children’s many questions. They thanked him by way of song and a rousing haka. Formalities over, the feast began with each cottage having provided an American-inspired dish such as burgers, mac ‘n cheese and pumpkin pie. Aric said: “I really cannot overstate how impressed I was by the staff, reception, and especially the kids at Dingwall. I was already looking forward to sharing a bit about the history of American independence and culture, but the enthusiasm and questions from the kids made for an experience that was just as much fun and educational for me as I hope it was for the independence daykids!”