Strong Kaiaua artwinds and threatening rain failed to dampen spirits during the L’Oréal Citizen Day at Dingwall’s Kaiaua property in late July. Around 200 people were on site including 120 L’Oréal staff who threw themselves into multiple tasks. L’Oréal teams planted hundreds of shrubs, rebarked the playground, and painted and redecorated “the Black House”. Many staff also turned their hands to entertaining the Dingwall children, who had arrived at lunchtime, with face painting and art and craft activities, soccer games and beauty makeovers for caregivers and older girls. L’Oréal also entertained and cooked for a group of recent refugee women as part of the day, who spent the night at Kaiaua. L’Oréal commissioned The Events Group to run the day which included lunch boxes from Eat My Lunch. Dingwall director Tracie Shipton says, “L’Oréal are incredibly generous toward the Dingwall community, no doubt. What has happened, though, is an incredible domino effect that L’Oréal have been intentional catalysts in. This year we could assist the lovely women and children from the refugee community – this is the real value in community partnerships. Thank you Tanya and the L’Oréal team – fostering hope – that’s what it’s all IMG_0527about!”