Fraser Cottage fraserunderwent an extreme makeover during the July school holidays, thanks to Kristin College students. The Kristin Prefect Project takes place every year and, in 2017, the students made Dingwall their focus, holding a fundraising event, planning the cottage makeover, then carrying out the work over five days. The 22 prefects, assisted by tradies, parents and school staff, repainted and redecorated six bedrooms, the games room and the main lounge of Fraser Cottage. They also upgraded the cottage courtyard and provided outdoor play equipment for the children. The results were outstanding and the children of Fraser were overwhelmed by what they saw on returning for the room reveal on the last day of the project, where they shared a sausage sizzle with the students. Fraser caregiver Dallas Eves had once word for whatfrasermasks had taken place at the cottage: “Awesomeness!”