The Trust

Dingwall Trust

Our Vision:

​Dingwall is an environment of opportunity and fulfilment for children.

Our Mission:

​To realise the potential within every child in our care.

Our Purpose:

​To ensure our children’s future is not limited by their past.

Our Beliefs:

​Christian faith underpins our philosophy
​Families grow best together
​Every child has a right to experience a safe childhood
​Positive connection builds the strongest community
​Each child’s care is unique to their needs

We are:

​Brave in the face of adversity
​Courageous in our advocacy
​Caring in the way we express empathy
​Inclusive in the way we speak and act
​Unwavering in the way we seek a better future

We invite you to discover more about the Dingwall Trust team and the work we do: