Dingwall Trust provides care to children and young people aged 0 – 18 years at its residential facility in Papatoetoe. We seek caring and committed people in our community to assist us in providing a range of care options to children and young people in need, including respite care and supported boarding.

Dingwall’s strong community relationships support our work and enable us to give extra to our community of children in care. These contributions include the St Kentigern tutoring programme, St Kentigern Girls’ School Sharing Shed initiative, the Tableside charitable trust that provided us wonderful support at Christmas and L’Oreal through their amazing support of Fostering Kids.

We also receive one-off support from individuals and businesses, keen to support our work with children in care. We are grateful for all offers of support.

Please see our information below about other opportunities to assist our work.

Respite Care

Our respite care programme provides children and young people in care at our residential facility with short-term placements of 2 days – 2 weeks, giving them a break from the group homes and a chance to experience life in a family in the wider community.

Just as in most families units, children get to stay with extended family or family friends for a change of scene from time to time and we would like to emulate this experience for our children in care.

Sometimes children who have lived at Dingwall for a long time are content but just want to have some time with a family who may become part of their stronger networks when they eventually leave care.

If you feel that you are able to provide a regular respite care placement to a child in care at Dingwall Trust please contact us to find out more.

Supported Boarding

The Dingwall Trust’s Supported Boarding Scheme offers accommodation and support to young people deemed ready to move on from state care but are not quite ready to live solely on their own. Supported Boarding acts like a stepping stone from fully supported care to living independently in the wider community.

People with a room to let in their home can apply to become supported boarding providers. An assessment process is undertaken to ensure that providers can offer a safe and supportive environment to those young people living in their home.

The Supporting Boarding Scheme is designed to allow young people to board with people and families in the community, ensuring they have the opportunity to experience independence while in a safe environment. While the young people are supported, they are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Supported Boarding Scheme programme and how you can become involved, please contact the Dingwall Trust Housing Coordinator on 278-3699, email or contact us here.

You can discover more about our vision or contact the team today for further information.

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