Youth-led Children’s Forums

Regular Children’s Forums are held with all children in residence at Dingwall Trust, as part of our commitment to the voices of children and continual service improvement. These are now being facilitated by two young people who have a care experience. One of them previously lived at Dingwall Trust and the other young person experienced care through Child Youth and Family. Part of the 2014/2015 development will be to grow the pool of facilitators to develop as an ongoing resource for our young people.

This youth development model provides an opportunity for developing the facilitation and leadership skills of young people as well as providing great learning for practitioners working with children in the care environment. We have been gratefully supported with facilitation training by Donella Parker.

Renee, one of the youth facilitators identifies that “the children and young people felt free talking about their care to us and felt that we understood as we had been there. As a person that has had a care experience, to be part of that consultation process that I know is so important is as liberating for me as it is for them. I look forward to working with Dingwall to develop this service further.