Information For Young People

“When I was 17 it wasn’t even in my mind to think about trying to flat. Trying to buy my own groceries and stuff like that…”

What are we about?

We are a group of personal advisors who work with young people leaving care. We will support and motivate you to map out your journey towards independence.

What does that look like?

You will be paired with your own personal advisor. If you chose to work with us, your journey could involve:

  • driving driving
  • money    money
  • selfcare selfcare
  • relationships relationships
  • life life skills
  • live somewhere to live\managing on our own
  • edu education

What we want to see from you!

  • To take responsibility for achieving your goals
  • To keep appointments and communication with your personal advisor
  • To treat others with respect by listening and valuing other peoples views and opinions

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